Bài phát biểu về đánh giá ODA Nhật Bản cho Việt Nam và những thách thức

10 Th6 2024

By: BC Company

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Mr. Tsuno Motonori (currently a senior advisor of B&Company, former chief representative of JICA in Vietnam) gave a speech about “Assessment of Japanese ODA to Vietnam and challenges”. The speech presented on July 1, 2023, at the conference “Vietnam-Japan relations: looking from history to the future” organized by Dong A University (Da Nang, Vietnam) on the occasion of celebrate the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan (1973-2023). The conference had the participation of leading experts and researchers in many fields from both Vietnam and Japan.

As mentioned in the speech, ODA from Japan to Vietnam is one of the most successful examples among developing countries in the world and provides a model for emerging and developing countries to follow. Japan’s ODA to Vietnam, including financial and technical cooperation, totals approximately 3 trillion yen to date with three priority areas including promoting economic growth, addressing fragility and strengthening governance.

Expected area of ODA cooperation between Vietnam and Japan including infrastructure improvement and human resource improvement. About infrastructure, Japan’s technology and experience such as urban railroads, high-speed railroads, and disaster-resistant national land resilience are appropriate for the stage of Vietnam’s transition from a middle-income country to a developed country. About advanced human resource development, with Japan’s declining birthrate and aging society, there are great expectations for young Vietnamese talented human resources in the fields of medicine, nursing care, nursing, and advanced IT human resources in Japan.

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日本のODAの評価と挑戦【Tsuno 発言内容 ダナンセミナー230701】 en-US

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