The growth of the logistics industry in Vietnam

15 Apr

By: B&Company Vietnam

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The logistics sector in Vietnam has seen growth and improvement in recent years. According to a report by the World Bank in April 2023, Vietnam ranked 43rd out of 139 countries in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI), ranking among the top 5 ASEAN countries, following Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the same position as the Philippines. Compared to 2016 (64th position), Vietnam has climbed 21 levels, but compared to 2018 (39th out of 160 countries), Vietnam has dropped 4 levels . Despite the drop, the LPI score has increased to 3.3 points compared to 3.27 points in 2018 . This may indicate an improvement in the quality of logistics services in Vietnam, but other countries are also focusing on this sector.

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