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The social-economic development of Vietnam over the last few decades has been remarkable. The country has now become one of the most dynamic economies in the Southeast Asian region. The Covid-19 outbreak since the end of 2019 has caused far-reaching impacts on all sectors around the world including severe economic crisis. Southeast Asia is no exception. However, until recently, it can be said that Vietnam has temporarily limited the impact of Covid-19, become the first country in ASEAN to start easing social distancing measures, implementing economic recovery and a favourable destination for many foreign investors.

According to recently published East Asia and Pacific Economic Report by World Bank in April 2020, Vietnam’s economy is recovering in a V-shape with output exceeding pre-pandemic levels. According to the Government press conference at the end of 2020, Vietnam is the only country in the ASEAN region and one of the few in the world to witness positive growth in 2020.

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