2021 Oct 01
Vietnam Telehealth to accelerate amid COVID-19 outbreak

Vietnam’s healthcare at a glance

In 2018, the country’s healthcare expenditure to GDP was 5.9%, which was higher than some other markets in the region, yet the real value was comparatively low[1]. Healthcare expenditure per capita is expected to increase 1.7 times from US$150 in 2018 to US$260 in 2025[2].

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2021 Jul 01
Rising Demand from Both Domestic and Oversea Market Leads to Dramatic Growth of Vietnam Dental Industry


If in the past, when Vietnamese people had demand for checking up their dental health, dental treatment or cosmetics dentistry, it is difficult to find a quality dental clinic, especially in rural regions. Nowadays, the issue above has matter nobody. With amazing growth in the recent ten years, Vietnam gradually makes its name well-known in world dental map.

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2021 Jun 01


Vietnam’s automotive industry takes on the challenge of domestic production

The size of Vietnam automobile market was once considered relatively small and overlooked by many Japanese manufacturers. There existed a strong opinion that the liberalization of trade among ASEAN countries would make the automotive industry become unnecessary in Vietnam. However, the demand for automobile in Vietnam has recently been on the rise. Could it be a potential driving factor for the growth of a manufacturing base?

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2021 May 15
Vending machine market has begun to move


In Vietnam some major local governments like Hanoi, HCMC, and Danang have been expanding the networks of automatic vending machines for the recent 5 years. Originally, the spread of vending machines had been delayed in Vietnam . It is said that the first installment of an automatic vending machine is in September 2016. The purpose to set it up was mainly for overseas tourists who had to pay too much money to the local vendors, not for more convenience for the people. As for the locations of automatic vending machines, it has been mainly in industrial parks where security measures and maintenance systems are easier than on-street installations and in residential areas developed by major real estate developers, therefore there are less opportunity to be recognized in daily life. By 2018, the number of automatic vending machines installed in Hanoi was about 160, which were treated as a test operation.

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2021 May 14
Vietnam: legal framework transformation favouring foreign investors


The Covid-19 outbreak since the end of 2019 has caused far-reaching impacts on all sectors around the world including severe economic crisis. Southeast Asia is no exception. Myanmar is facing a dual crisis because of Covid-19 and political instability. Thailand’s post-Covid economic recovery plan may continue to be delayed in the event of the 3rd Covid-19 outbreak.

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2021 Mar 01
vietnam food processing industry
Food Processing – A Promising Sector for FDI Inflows to Vietnam in 2021


Food processing is one of the sectors that Vietnam is prioritizing to develop by 2025, with a vision to 2035. The food processing industry in Vietnam has grown steadily over the past few years. In the period 2013-2017, the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) of the food processing industry increased by an average of 6.82% annually (VGP, 2018). Despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020-IIP of the industry still increased by 5.3% compared with 2019 (GSO, 2020), as well as the quality of the products and number of companies.

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2021 Feb 15
vietnam dairy product industry market
Dairy Industry of Vietnam 2021: Chances for foreign players


Not until 1920 when the French brought foreign dairy cows to Vietnam that the local people here got to know about cow milk. In 1924, Longevity & Dutch Lady products were first traded in Saigon (later renamed Ho Chi Minh City) and became the first player in the longtime dairy industry. Since then, the Vietnam dairy industry has developed dramatically. According to Euromonitor, the total size of Vietnam’s dairy market in 2019 has reached over USD 5.2 billion and a report from Vietnam Dairy Association also pointed out that the dairy market’s revenue already reached USD 4.7 billion in 2018, an increase of 9% compared to 2017, and made the CAGR of 12.7% over the period of 2010-2018.

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2020 Dec 01
On the cusp of a Healthy Drink Boom in Vietnam

Rising Trend of Healthy Drinks among Vietnamese Consumers

Health has been the top concern for Vietnamese consumers based on research by Nielsen from Q3-2019 to Q1-2020. As to lead a healthy lifestyle, it seems that many consumers are interested in healthy drinks. When searching for the keyword “healthy drinks” or “healthy juice recipe” on Facebook, Vietnam’s most popular social media channel, the results display a lot of fan pages, groups, and posts with many engagements. Take a fanpage called “Juicing, Healthy Drinks and Yoga Lovers” as an example, this fanpage attracts more than 37.1 thousand members and has a high posting frequency with about 100 interactions per post. Another group called “1001 Công Thức Nước Ép” (1001 Juice Recipe) has 55.2 thousand members and engagement per post is above 100.

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2020 Nov 01
Smart Home Trend to Be a New Breeze in Vietnam

Recent developments surrounding Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) have found traction and interest in the smart home market in Vietnam. The dramatically accelerating pace of technological innovation has resulted in the rising trend of owning a smart home in many developed countries around the world. With its two largest metropolises among top 10 fastest growing cities in terms of economic and real estate development (as listed in the City Momentum Index 2020 by Jones Lang Lasalle – JLL), Vietnam’s smart home market, though still in its infancy, possesses promising investment opportunities thanks to the rapid urbanization and the boom of megacities in the country. 

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2020 Oct 15
Online dating apps in Vietnam • a BC finding!

Overview on online dating apps

Although the very first computer-based dating service was created in 1965 in the US, online dating has just gained popularity in the last decade thanks to the rise of online dating apps. Since the launch of Tinder in 2012, hundreds of dating services have appeared on app stores worldwide. In 2018, analysts estimate the global online dating market could be worth $12 billion by 2020 (Business Insider, 2018). A more recent estimation for 2020 was conducted by Statista, which is $2.7 billion. It is difficult to evaluate the two estimations. However, in fact, Match Group (the company owns those most high-profile dating platforms including Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, etc.) recorded its overall revenue for 2019 is $2.1 billion, about 24% increased from 2018. Thus, considering the market players’ revenue and high growth rate, the global online dating market in 2020 might be higher than Statista’s estimation, at least over $3 billion is expected. According to Dylan Loh (2020) on Nikkei Asian Review, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia are the three leading countries in ASEAN in terms of users’ spending on an online dating app.

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