15 Feb
The future of television in Vietnam

Television has long been a main source of entertainment, but nowadays, as the content unfolds in real-time and more people are more busy, they want to watch whatever, whenever and wherever they want instead of gathering the entire family around the TV to watch a show that is aired in a certain time. Though being the youngest comparing with traditional TV services, pay TV services (cable, satellite, IPTV), OTT TV is in the spotlight. Read More “The future of television in Vietnam”

15 Jul
Cinema Industry in Vietnam

“Vietnam’s cinema industry is blossoming”

As living standard has been vastly improved, Vietnamese people are now willing to pay more for entertainment activities that were once considered luxurious. Among those, going to the cinemas emerges as a very popular opion to spend some free time on.

Taking advantage of this trend, cinema industry in Vietnam has made huge progress and are still on course of further development. In 2015, 39.6 million tickets worth 104 million USD were sold. It is expected that the figure will reach 200 million USD in 2020.

Read More “Cinema Industry in Vietnam”

01 Jan
Banking Service Report 2016

Banking Service Report 2016

Research Description: We conducted survey by using our consumer panel (Bean Survey) to find out Vietnamese consumers behaviour of banking service

Topic Customer behavior of retail banking in Vietnam
Objective Understand Vietnamese customer behavior in bank usage, customer’s future intention and effective approach to potential customers
Sample – 1,323 respondents

– People who have done any activities that related to banking service

Research methodology Online survey
Timeline Dec 28th, 2015 to Jan 25th, 2016
Questionnaires 18 questions, in which:

– 10 main questions related to the topic to understand about:

– Bank using behavior

– Customer satisfaction & future intention

– Approach to customers

– 8 questions related to respondents information.


Key Findings of this survey:


Key Finding  Generally 


1 Bank Using Behavior •Most popular banks are Vietcombank, Agribank, Vietinbank, BIDV, DongA Bank, Techcombank, Sacombank

•More than 60% of people use basic services such as money transfer/receive and bank card

•More men make insurance investment or use bank loans compare to women, while women tend to use saving accounts more than men
2 Customer Satisfaction & Future Intention •Around 70% of people are satisfied with the services of their most frequently used banks, and they are very likely to continue using or introduce to others •People rate their likelihood to continue using or introduce to others the current bank at an average 4 point out of 5
3 Approach to Customers •72% of people know their current bank via their friend/ relatives

•Bank location, Bank staffs attitude and Interest rate are the top criteria that consumers consider when choosing a bank 

•Women are more affected by word of mouth than men since many women know bank information via School/ workplace and relative/ friend sources compared to men

Internal report for Banking in Vietnam 2016 is available from here


15 Jan
PayTV market growth under intensive price competition and copyright infringement issues


Despite facing with various challenges, the demand for pay TV services in Vietnam continues to grow steadily under the context of rising population and income levels. Read More “PayTV market growth under intensive price competition and copyright infringement issues”

01 Jan
Vietnam Television Service Report 2014

1. What is highlighted in this issue?

  • In addition to the comprehensive analysis of the market itself, the issue covers a section of Vietnam Television Service Background that have significant impacts on the industry.
  • B&Company also analyzes how the digital infrastructure and demographic features in Vietnam will likely create change the landscape of Television Service Industry in the next few years and various opportunities of foreign investment and sales in each portion of Television Service’s value chain: TV content, TV channel, TV broadcaster.
  • B&Company’s analysis guides new entrants to acknowledge market entry model of each above portion. Finally, important lists which are consolidated for this report will offer contact points and TV content database of the industry.

2. Further information

This report was developed in the period of December, 2014. This report aims to inform the reader insights of market landscape and trends in the coming years. The currency conversion rate used for the report is 1 USD=21,400 VND.

As the first Japanese market research firm in Vietnam, we understand business context and win customers’ trust by providing:


  • Top Tier Problem Solving
  • Quality Assurance
  • Language Barrier Free
  • Local Specialization


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15 Aug
Mobile game – The long term growth of domestic enterprises


Mobile game market is a new market starting to operate in Vietnam only four years ago, with the market size from 6 million USD in 2011 which has increased to 15 million USD in 2013 (data collected from the revenue of officially released games in the market, excluding the revenue of the game without a license). Read More “Mobile game – The long term growth of domestic enterprises”

15 Jul
Online games market on the rise

The online game market in Vietnam is growing rapidly. The domestic market size in 2012 was 250 million USD; 4.5 times as much as that of 2007, which was only 55 million USD (data obtained from the turnover of games officially released on the market, excluding the revenue from games with no license). Read More “Online games market on the rise”

15 Nov
Vietnam hospitality market and foreign investors (Nov 2013)


Vietnam Hospitality Market and foreign investors
(Nov 2013)
According to Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), the total number of international arrival in the first 9 months of 2013 reached the number of 5.5 million representing 13.12% growth over the same period of last year. Expansion of Vietnam tourism industry is forecasted to continue cherishing number of development opportunities in which hopitality could be clearly seen one of the most potential sectors. Read More “Vietnam hospitality market and foreign investors (Nov 2013)”