The status of e-commerce websites in Vietnam 2013

01 Jan

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Generally, in 164 e-commerce service websites participating in the survey, the main model was primarily online store (60%). The following were classified advertisement (45%), buying in group (19%) and forum (18%).
78% of e-commerce service websites were established by their own budget, 14% by the state budget and 8% of them received from the foreign investment capital.
Clothing, footwear, cosmetics were the most commonly sold products on the e-commerce websites, accounted for 79% of surveyed sites. This proportion represented a correspondence between the supply and demand, of which 62% of people chose to purchase this kind ot product online.
The most popular type of advertisement which were chosen by enterprises including the social networks (87%), followed by search engines (84%). Especially, the number of enterprises advertising on television was only 13% due to its high price.
Source: Survey by E-commerce and Information Technology Agency 2013
Data consolidated by B&Company Vietnam

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