JICA “Industrial Human Resources Development in Vietnam” Seminar was held

13 Apr

By: B&Company Vietnam

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On April 13, Web seminar about the result of the “Data Collection Survey and Situation Analysis on Industrial Human Resource Development in Vietnam” was held.

This research was planned by the JICA Vietnam for the purpose of “Understanding the latest situation based on changes in Vietnam’s industrial human resources development policies and needs, in order to determine directions for future cooperation with Vietnam in IHRD”, and we (B & Company) implemented research based on JICA Vietnam request.

The research report was based on numerous interviews and questionnaire survey.

We would like to thank all of you for your cooperation as follows.

〇 Interview survey:
+ 23 training institutions (12 universities + 11 vocational education institutions)
+ 77 companies (41 Japanese companies + 36 other companies)
+ 32 organizations (12 Vietnamese government organizations + 10 international donors + 10 other organizations)

〇 Questionnaire survey:
+ 92 training institutions (43 universities + 49 vocational education institutions)
+ 1,000 companies (390 Japanese companies + 610 other companies)
+ 31 other organizations (Associations, Research institutions, Japanese language training centers)

More than 100 people, including representatives of organizations related to “industrial Human Resources Development in Vietnam” and those who are interested in this theme, participated this seminar.
(Hereafter, participants are exemplified)

〇 Japan:
JETRO, Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, JCCI, JCCH, KOSEN (supporting the spread of technical college education programs in Vietnam), National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (in charge of advisors on Vietnam’s economic strategy), Vietnam-Japan Joint Initiative WT11 (working team with the theme of “development of highly skilled human resources”)

〇 Vietnam:
Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, General Bureau of Vocational Education, VCCI, Vietnam E-Commerce Association, Dong Nai Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Bureau

〇 Others:
Embassy of Australia in Vietnam, Asian Development Bank, British Council

The report will be finalized based on the opinions received from the participants at this Web seminar, and will be used for discussions on future cooperation with related Vietnamese government agencies and other stakeholders regarding industrial human resource development in Vietnam.

(When this report is published by JICA, we will report it again.)