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01 Jan 2014

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Survey of E-commerce and Information Technology Agency in 2013 about online shoppers indicated that 61% of them purchased items online via sales e-commerce websites, 51% bought via group-buying websites, 45% via social forums, 19% via marketplace websites and 6% via application on mobile.
Female still occupied in percentage of online shoppers with 59% while male accounted 41%.
The managers and office staffs were frequent online purchasers (41%). This results from the fact that they do not have much time for traditional shop due to the official working time, however, they do have time to access Internet, followed by students (37%).
The popular online products are clothes, shoes, and cosmetics accounted for 62%. The second most popular categories were technology products (35%), followed by household products (32%) and air tickets (25%) and etc.
Cash was a major payment method in online transaction (74% of respondents); 41% of answeres transferred via bank.
Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade
Data consolidated by B&Company Vietnam

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