Value import and export in HCM( first 6 months 2016)

01 Jul

By: B&Company Vietnam


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Total Value of Import and Export in Ho Chi Minh City
According to the HCM City Customs Department, total value of import and export turnover in Ho Chi Minh’s check point in the first 6 months of 2016 reached US $ 39.771 billion vnd, an increase of more than US $ 3.4 billion (9.47%) compared to the same period in 2015.
Comparison with 2015
In particular,
import turnover reached US $ 21.152 billion, up 8.63%,
export turnover reached US $ 18.619 billion, up 10.45%,
compared to the same period in 2015.
Tax Revenue in Ho Chi Minh City
With the rising turnover of imported and exported commodities,
import and export tax revenues of  HCM City Customs Department in June, up 5.77%, reached VND 9,350.912 billion vnd.
Accumulating to June 28, total revenues of HCM city Customs Department  were VND 47,444.131 billion vnd, reached  46.29% compared to plan targets VND 102,500 billion vnd ( reached 105.46% compared to the same period in 2015).