Situation of Vietnam tourism industry in 2018

01 Jan

By: B&Company Vietnam


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The total revenue of Vietnam tourism industry in 2018 was calculated at USD 26,655 million (~VND 620,000 billion). The growth rate achieved 21.4%, decreased 6.1% in comparison with 2017 (27.5%).
The total quantity of tourists in 2018 also reached 95.4 million, rose 10.8% over 2017 (86.1 million).
In particular, the quantity of foreigner visitors in 2018 was more than 15.4 million, increased by 19.9% comparing to the same period last year. China and Korea are two countries have the most citizens visiting Vietnam with the quantity which are respectively 4.9 million and 3.4 million, even larger than the quantity of Europe (2 million) and America (0.9 million).
Even though the quantity of domestic tourists rose from 73.2 million to 80 million in the 2017-2018 period, the growth rate dropped fairly to 9.3% as the 2017’s rate was 18.1%.

Source: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
Data consolidated by B&Company Vietnam