Vietnam Telehealth to accelerate amid COVID-19 outbreak
Vietnam’s healthcare at a glance In 2018, the country’s healthcare expenditure to GDP was 5.9%, which was higher than some other markets in the regio...
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Rising Demand from Both Domestic and Oversea Market Leads to Dramatic Growth of Vietnam Dental Industry
<h3 id="h-overview">Overview</h3> If in the past, when Vietnamese people had demand for checking up their dental health, dental treatment or cosmetic...
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E-learning in Vietnam before and after COVID-19 outbreak
<h6>As of May 3rd, 2020 | Consolidated by B&Company Vietnam & BEAN Survey team </h6> By 20th April 2020, more than 200 countries have been fi...
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The rising trend of non-public higher education in Vietnam
The development of Vietnam non-public higher education sector has been performing well in the recent years. With appealing revenue and profit, there a...
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A rising trend on overseas treatment from Vietnam citizens
<h4>Vietnam’s healthcare factor is developing but there are still a lot of challenges. </h4> According to GSO, their GDP per capita was increased...
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E-learning in Vietnam
2017/9/4 "50 Million USD Market" E-Learning had arrived late, but is blooming fast in Vietnam. In 2015, the country’s E-learning market size was estim...
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Vietnamese Lifestyle Survey Report 2016
Vietnamese Lifestyle Survey Report 2016 Research Description: We conducted survey by using our consumer panel (Bean Survey) to find out Vietnamese con...
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Baby care product in Vietnam
"6.15 Million 0-3 years old babies" Asia-Pacific has been a major market for baby care products. In 2015, the region accounted for 49% value sales of ...
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Will the expansion of medical service market result in the development of private sector?
31-05-2016 The demand among Vietnamese medical service market is increasing in the context of a developing economy and an aging society. (more…...
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Brands Asia Vietnam Report 2014
1.      Project Overview The cross-regional “Brand Asia 2014” project is led by Nikkei BP Consulting aiming to...
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