21 Dec
B&Company provides support for Automatic Parking PNT project

B&Company’s pleased to be consultant and bridge for the success of cooperation between Vietnamese and Japanese in an establishment of Automatic Parking PNT enterprise.
The word“PNT” is a combined abbreviation of 3 first characters of the 3 parties’ name in the joint venture including Petrolimex Construction JSC No.1, Nissei Build Asia Pte. Ltd and Tamada Industries, Inc. The signing ceremony happened on Dec 20 2014 at PCC-1 conventional center with witnesses of Mr. Trinh Tran – Representative of Board director – President of Petrolimex Corp and other departmental leaders of Petrolimex and PCC-1.

Representatives of 3 parties in PNT Autxo Parking JSC Join Venture
Apart from above participants, B&Company Vietnam also has North office representative giving speeches during the ceremony. B&Company has been providing consulting service for founders in regard of policy, legislative procedures advice and other related issues.

B&Company Vietnam gives speech at the signing ceremony
At the ceremony, Nissei Inc also brings and introduces some of successful samples of auto parking solutions in Japan with more than 1,400 lots capable of up to 50,000 vehicles. Manufacturing plants are expected to locate at PCC1 factories in Hung Yen and HCM city, meeting increasingly high parking demands in Vietnam’s two largest cities as well as supplying for other needed provinces.
Although the auto parking technology has become popular in some Southeast Asia countries, it is still quite new to such country like Vietnam. This is seen a critically huge project with advanced equipment from Japan and is expected to solve the issues of parking lot shortage in large cities in near future when the demand for vehicle is keeping increased.

01 Jan
Vietnam 2009 Insights into comsumption trends and lifestyle
* Researched area: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city
* Time        : 05/2009-06/2009
* Survey method : Face-to-face interview at appointed places
* Target        : interviewees aged from 20 to 60
Excutive summary* Demographic profile
* Household finances
* Media access
* Personal consumption trends and lifestyle
* Household durable ownership
* Attitudinal trends
The survey questionnaire is designed in 80 questions which are classified into different content categories.
The report is available in the following forms: 
・01 FULL REPORT (230 pages in English or Japanese – Hard copy and 01 CD Room (Soft copy of report + Original Input & Analysis Excel file)
・01 FULL REPORT (230 pages in English or Japanese – hard copy)
・01 CUSTOMIZED REPORT (Introduction + Executive Summary + 1/5 topic in English or Japanese – hard copy)

For details on the survey and report, please contact B&Company Vietnam.

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