Laws on Investment 2005

01 Jan 2013

By: B&Company Vietnam

Law & Regulations

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This Law regulates investment activities for business purposes; the rights and obligations of investors; the guarantee of lawful rights and interests of investors; encouragement of investment and investment incentives; State administration of investment activities in Vietnam and offshore investment from Vietnam
CHAPTER 1: General provisions
CHAPTER 2: Investment guarantees
CHAPTER 3: Rights and obligations of investors
CHAPTER 4: Forms of Investments
CHAPTER 5: Investment sectors and geographical areas, investment incentives and support
Section 1: Investment sectors and geographical areas
Section 2: Investment incentives
Section 3: Investment support
CHAPTER 6: Direct Investment activities
Section 1: Investment procedures
Section 2: Commencement of implementation of investment projects
CHAPTER 7: Business investments funded by State Capital
CHAPTER 8: Offshore Investment
CHAPTER 10: Implementing Provisions
Source: Ministry of justice

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