Decree No 43/2010/ND-CP on business registration prescribes the system of business registration

01 Jan

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Decree No 43/2010/ND-CP on business registration prescribes in details the system of business registries and dossier, order and procedures of  business registration, registration of amendment in the content of business registration dossier for  enterprises under the Enterprise Law and household businesses.
CHAPTER 1: General provisions
CHAPTER 2: Mandates, tasks of the business registration agency and state management of business registration
CHAPTER 3: Name of enterprise
CHAPTER 4: Dossier, order and procedures for the business registration of enterprises, operation registration of branches and representative offices
CHAPTER 5: Dossier, order, procedures of business registration in case of supplementation and amendment in business registration
CHAPTER 6: Business registration for household businesses
CHAPTER 7: Order, procedures of temporary cessation of business activities, re-issuance and withdrawal of business registration certificate
CHAPTER 8: Implementation
Source: Ministry of Justice
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