15 Nov
Smart Home Trend to Be a New Breeze in Vietnam

Recent developments surrounding Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) have found traction and interest in the smart home market in Vietnam. The dramatically accelerating pace of technological innovation has resulted in the rising trend of owning a smart home in many developed countries around the world. With its two largest metropolises among top 10 fastest growing cities in terms of economic and real estate development (as listed in the City Momentum Index 2020 by Jones Lang Lasalle – JLL), Vietnam’s smart home market, though still in its infancy, possesses promising investment opportunities thanks to the rapid urbanization and the boom of megacities in the country. 

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15 Mar
Trend of Vietnam software industry in recent years

Vietnam software industry is developing while overcoming many difficulties. Since 2008 when market size was merely $680 million, the national revenue of software retain stable growth rate of more than 10% per year. Although 2012 is a difficult year for domestic software market due to pressures from an implementation of the Government’s Resolution 11 cutting public spends, especially the complexity of IT process in Decree 102 and the declined purchasing power of consumers led by economic stagnation, export (more precisely is offshore market) still increased dramatically and kept the market upward by 3.1%, reaching $1,21 billion.

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