01 Jan
Out of office (2nd to 10th Feb)

Please note that all our company offices will be closed during Tet HolidaysIMG_0754.JPG from 2nd February 2019 until 10th February 2019 .
We will reopen on 11th February 2019. We appreciate your support and cooperation.
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15 Aug
Explosion of Competition in Vietnam Convenience Store Market 2018

“180 Billion USD Market in 2020”
According to a forecast by the Trade Research Institute (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the retail trade average annual growth rate of Vietnam would reach 11.9% in 2016-2020 period reaching a market size of nearly 180 billion USD in 2020. In particular, the convenience store model is in fierce competition as domestic and foreign investors race to open chains, invest in technology, enhance services to find a firm foothold in the market.

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15 Jul
Cinema Industry in Vietnam

“Vietnam’s cinema industry is blossoming”

As living standard has been vastly improved, Vietnamese people are now willing to pay more for entertainment activities that were once considered luxurious. Among those, going to the cinemas emerges as a very popular opion to spend some free time on.

Taking advantage of this trend, cinema industry in Vietnam has made huge progress and are still on course of further development. In 2015, 39.6 million tickets worth 104 million USD were sold. It is expected that the figure will reach 200 million USD in 2020.

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01 Jan
Out of office (12th to 20th Feb)

Please note that all our company offices will be closed during Tet HolidaysIMG_0754.JPG (from 12th February until 20th February).
We will reopen on 21st February 2018. We appreciate your support and cooperation.
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01 Jan
Unemployment rate of working-age labor in 2017

Unemployment rate (overall)
Unemployment rate of working-age labor was 2.24%, lower than the rate of 2.3% in 2016, of which it was 3.18% for the urban area; 1.78% for the rural area.
Underemployment rate (overall)
Underemployment rate of working-age labor = 1.62%, lower than the rate of 1.66% in 2016, of which it was 0.82% for the urban area and 2.03% for the rural area.
Source: General Statistics Office

01 Jan
State budget revenue and expenditure account (2017)

Total government revenues = 1,288.665 trillion dongs, of which domestic revenues = 1,032.164 trillion dongs, collecting from export and import duty = 97.018 trillion dongs and from oil = 49.5 trillion dongs.
Total government expenditures = 1462.965 trillion dongs, of which spending for development investment = 365.526 trillion dongs; spending for social and economic services = 907.111 trillion dongs; for activities of state management agencies, the Communist party and unions = 128.08 trillion dongs.
Source: General Statistics Office

15 Nov
Dairy Market in Vietnam

“3800 tons of dairy products in 2050”

With higher income and better nutritional awareness, Vietnamese people have sustainably increased their purchase of dairy products. It is estimated that in 2050, each Vietnamese will consume 34 kilograms of milk and related variants per year, that multiplied by the total population of 112 million people then will result in a market size of 3,800 tons of dairy products.

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15 Sep
E-learning in Vietnam


“50 Million USD Market”

E-Learning had arrived late, but is blooming fast in Vietnam. In 2015, the country’s E-learning market size was estimated at 50 million USD, quite modest for a country of over 90 million people.

However, its annual growth rate is believed to be around 40% for the period between 2013 and 2018, which is simply enormous and indicating how huge E-learning in Vietnam can become.

Upto August 2017, there are a total of 150 start-ups in the field, notably 80% of which were established after January 2016. Contents offered by E-learning sites are various, but there emerge three major groups:

“Foreign language is the most popular subject”
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15 Aug
Electrical Construction in Vietnam


“10 billion USD in 2015 to 25 billion USD in 2025”

Vietnam’s hectic scene of modernization and industrialization has benefited some particular industries, one of which is electrical construction. Factories, airports, shopping complexes, everything needs switches and light bulbs.

It has been suggested that electrical construction account for ¼ of general construction’s total market value[1], which will rise from 10 billion USD in 2015 to 25 billion USD in 2025. Proportionally, electrical construction’s market value should increase from 2.5 billion USD to 6.25 billion USD in the same period.

Such CAGR of 10.9% over the next decade is an impressive piece of statistics, signaling a good time ahead for electrical construction industry.
Naturally, even for the most evenly positive state or situation, there are certain points that require extra attentions.
The first point is infrastructure renovation movement in Vietnam’s rural areas. In around 9,000 communes across the country, a lot of stuff needs to be upgraded, and a lot of other stuff needs to be built: roads and bridges, markets and houses, schools and hospitals.

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01 Jul
Address & TEL Change

Please note that the address and Phone number of our Ho Chi Minh office have been changed.
The Phone number in Hanoi office has also been changed. Please kindly check our website for the detail
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