10 highlights and outstanding news in Vietnam in June 2024
In June 2024, many important economic, political, and investment events took place in Vietnam, such as President Putin's state visit to Vietnam, the Nhon-Hanoi Station metro line about to be put into operation, and Foxconn investment in a circuit boards factory in Vietnam. Let's look back at 10 outstanding events in June 2024 selected by B&Company
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A speech about assessment of Japanese ODA to Vietnam and challenges
Mr. Tsuno Motonori (currently a senior advisor of B&Company, former chief representative of JICA in Vietnam) gave a speech about “Assessment of Japanese ODA to Vietnam and challenges”
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Declining presence of Japanese companies in Vietnam
Japan used to rank first in terms of FDI in Vietnam, however, in recent years, Japan has been overtaken by South Korea and China is closing in behind. By using B&Company's database, we analyzed the presence of Japanese companies in Vietnam in term of revenue and revenue performance relative to the amount invested. The results showed that Japan was lagging behind other countries such as South Korea, Singapore, and China in their presence in Vietnam
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“Growth” of Vietnam’s economic scale approaching that of Japan
In 2010, Vietnam's GDP was one-38th of Japan's. By 2020, it was about 14 times higher, and by 2022, it will be closer to 12 times higher. This time, we decided to compare this in terms of “growth”. This is because “how new demand will be created” is often more important when companies consider their future activities.
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