List of projects calling for FDI (until 2020)

01 Jan 2017

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Vietnamese government has issued list of projects that call for FDI till 2020. The list consists of 127 projects focusing mainly on infrastructure.
The Decision takes effect from April 29, 2014.
The list includes:
1. Infrastructure
1.1  Traffic infrastructure
–      Road
–      Railway
–      Airport
–      Sea port
1.2  Energy infrastructure
1.3  Urban infrastructure
–      Urban traffic
–      Urban water supply
–      Urban solid waste treatment
1.4  Industrial system development
2. Social infrastructure system
2.1  Education and Training
–      International standard university
–      Special vocation and training centres
2.2  Health care infrastructure system
–      High quality specialised hospitals
–      International standard general hospitals
–      Pharmaceutical and health care equipment manufacture
2.3  Tourism and culture infrastructure development
3. Agriculture
3.1  Agriculture (cropping and farming)
–      High tech agriculture complex
–      Planting
–      Animal husbandry
3.2  Fishery
3.3  Forestry
4. Preservation and processing
5. Production – services
Source: Ministry of Planning & Investment
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