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01 Jan 2017

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NationSocial Republic of Vietnam
CapitalHanoi ( 7.25 million)
Independence daySeptember 2nd  1945
PoliticsOne-party state
ArmyVietnam’s People Army
CurrencyVietnam Dong


LocationSoutheast Asia
Provinces5 municipalities and 58 provinces
Area330966.9 km2
ClimateTropical and Monsoon
Time zoneGMT+7


Population (2016 Feb)94.1 million rank 14 in world and 8 in Asia
Density305 people/km2
Urban population32.2 million (33.6%)
Average age30.8
LanguagesVietnamese, Minorities’ languages
Main languageVietnamese
Ethnicity54 Ethnic groups (87% total)
Life expectancy at birth73
ReligionBuddhism, Cathlicism, Cao Dai
HDI (2014)0.666


GDP (nominal, 2016)4,502,700 billion
Per capita48.6 billion (2,215 USD)
GDP growth rate (2016)6.21%
CPI growth rate (2016 Dec)4.74%
Unemployment rate (2016 Jun)2.06%
Exchange rate ( 2017 Jan)1 USD=22,620 VND
1JPY=193.21 VND

Data Source:General Statistics Office

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