The status of e-commerce websites in Vietnam 2014

01 Jan 2015

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Among 1,350 websites offering e-commerce service in the survey, 765 websites (accounting for 57%) had the operation models of online stores (with add-to-card service); the rest (accounting for 43%) had the operation models for marketing purposes (e.g. introduce products and services that the company provide, not for online trading)
Regarding source of investment capital, more than 97% of the capital came from firm’s internal equity, and only 0.5% came from foreign investor.
The result showed a shift in online trading volume and in diversity of products and services. Among those, clothing, cosmetic and health care product was best selling (28%), next is electrical home appliances (25%). Hi-tech products like computers, mobiles, and office equipment and food and drinks ranked the third position (19%)
Facebook Fanpage was the most popular means of advertisement, selected by 48% of survey website. Paid advertisemet on Google via SEO (search key words) came the second place with 47%. Other low-cost means like advertisement on blog, forum was ultilised by 41% of firms surveyed.
Source: Vietnam E-commerce and Information Technology Agency
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