Vietnam Television Service Report 2014

01 Jan

By: B&Company Vietnam

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1. What is highlighted in this issue?

  • In addition to the comprehensive analysis of the market itself, the issue covers a section of Vietnam Television Service Background that have significant impacts on the industry.
  • B&Company also analyzes how the digital infrastructure and demographic features in Vietnam will likely create change the landscape of Television Service Industry in the next few years and various opportunities of foreign investment and sales in each portion of Television Service’s value chain: TV content, TV channel, TV broadcaster.
  • B&Company’s analysis guides new entrants to acknowledge market entry model of each above portion. Finally, important lists which are consolidated for this report will offer contact points and TV content database of the industry.

2. Further information

This report was developed in the period of December, 2014. This report aims to inform the reader insights of market landscape and trends in the coming years. The currency conversion rate used for the report is 1 USD=21,400 VND.

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