Social-economic situation in Hanoi in 2016

01 Jan 2017

By: B&Company Vietnam

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GRDP in Hanoi 2016
Estimated Gross Regional Domestic Product(GRDP) in Hanoi increased 8.2% from 2016.
In 2016, Hanoi investment fund reached 277,950 billions VND (up 10% from 2015), of which government fund increase 15%, FDI fund increase 2.4%,
export value in December 2016 reached 928 million USD (up 3% from last month).
Export and Import Value in Hanoi 
Generally, in 2016 export value reached 10,613 million USD, in which regional export value reached 8,143 million USD.
Import value reach 24.833 million USD, in which regional import value reached 10,844 million USD