An overview of COVID-19 outbreak affecting on Vietnamese social-economy 11-03-2020 The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide only 2 months after the first case was found in Wuhan (China), creating uncertainty for the whole world.
The future of television in Vietnam 11-02-2020 Vietnam – with a young generation is experiencing a trend of switching from the old traditional television service to OTT TV which allows them to watch movies and other shows on the internet.
The rising trend of non-public higher education in Vietnam 17-01-2020 The development of Vietnam non-public higher education sector has been performing well in the recent years. With appealing revenue and profit, there are both increased numbers in students and schools.


Third-party delivery service is emerging in food delivery market 09-12-2019 Vietnam’s revenue in the food delivery market reached USD 146 million in 2018, according to Statista.
The development of airports and airlines to meet the growing Vietnam’s aviation market 20-10-2019 Vietnam’s aviation market has been growing rapidly. According to the Airport Council International, Vietnam is expected to be the fastest emerging aviation market in the world in 2017-2040 period.
A rising trend on overseas treatment from Vietnam citizens 15-09-2019 Vietnamese people spent approximately USD 2 billion to travel abroad for high-quality medical service in 2017, twice as 2013 (USD 1 billion)
Vietnam has perfect environment to develop cashless payment 15-08-2019 Up to 31/3/2019, comparing to the same period in 2018, the total transaction value of e-payment increased by 13.46% while it’s 65.81% in terms of the number of transactions.
A dynamic cosmetics market in Vietnam 03-06-2019 The Vietnam cosmetic market is ranked 6th in the ASEAN region in terms of revenue according to Statista data.
Positive prospect for investment on solar energy in Vietnam 13-05-2019 Vietnam electricity demand is forecasted to surge to 572-632 billion kWh by 2030, an increase with CAGR 2021-2030 of around 8% – 8.5%.
High growth yet challenging cloud computing market in Vietnam 15-04-2019 According to a report by Microsoft and Singapore National University announced in 2017, among ASEAN countries, Vietnam has the highest rate of increase in expenditure on Cloud with CAGR at 64,4% in the period 2010 – 2016, compared to the average 49% of the ASEAN region.
A landscape view on Vietnam e-commerce logistics market 10-02-2019 According to the latest report by Google – Temasek in November 2018, Vietnam e-commerce market size in 2018 is $2.8 billion and is expected to reach $15 billion by 2025; with annual growth rate of 43% in period 2015 – 2025.


Explosion of Competition in Vietnam Convenience Store Market 2018 12-09-2018 According to a forecast by the Trade Research Institute (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the retail trade average annual growth rate of Vietnam would reach 11.9% in 2016-2020 period reaching a market size of nearly 180 billion USD in 2020.
Cinema Industry in Vietnam 30-08-2018 In 2015, 39.6 million tickets worth 104 million USD were sold. It is expected that the figure will reach 200 million USD in 2020.


E-learning in Vietnam 14-09-2017 the country’s E-learning market size was estimated at 50 million USD, quite modest for a country of over 90 million people.
Electrical Construction in Vietnam 31-07-2017 It has been suggested that electrical construction account for ¼ of general construction’s total market value, which will rise from 10 billion USD in 2015 to 25 billion USD in 2025.
Organic Food Industry in Vietnam 05-06-2017 As a result, growing numbers of people are turning to "clean" food, buying foods certificated by officials. This trends also opens up a new business opportunity in “organic food”.
Insurance Market in Vietnam 01-05-2017 In 2016, Vietnam Insurance Market has the gross insurance premiums at about USD 3.91 billion, increasing 22.64% compared with the previous year.
Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam 03-04-2017 Newly-registered foreign direct investment (FDI) capital in Vietnam has improved since the global financial crisis, racking up nearly $12 billion in 2015 (The World Bank, 2017) and the first half of 2016 alone (Van, 2016).
High-tech agriculture in Vietnam 06-03-2017 The country has set a target that in 2020, hi-tech agriculture product would account for 35% of total value of national agriculture product
SOLAR ENERGY DAWNS ON VIETNAM 06-02-2017 Vietnamese households are going green with the help of solar energy. The government has a plan to increase the percentage of households using solar-powered applications from 4.3% in 2015 to 12% by 2020 and 36% by 2030. The applications include 2 main categories: thermal application and electrical application.
Office leasing market in Vietnam and supply drainage solved by rise of new players 10-01-2017 Such rise in number of businesses calls for a corresponding rise in amount of office space, especially when land prices in the 2 major cities are too expensive (up to $7,000/sqm in central districts) for modest-size enterprises to own an independent building.


Fintech industry in Vietnam - 11.3billion USD Market in 2020 12-05-2016 Recently, the young fintech industry receives quite some boosts. Vietnam Fintech Club, launched on October 2015 with sponsorship from Dragon Capital and Standard Chartered Bank, provides a casual style platform for cooperation between entrepreneurs and investors.
Dairy Market in Vietnam 11-10-2016 Currently, 80% of urban households and 50% of rural households shop for dairy products every month. Vietnamese consumers also prefer to purchase in street shops, though marts and supermarkets are quickly gaining their shares.
Baby care product in Vietnam 11-10-2016 Asia-Pacific has been a major market for baby care products. In 2015, the region accounted for 49% value sales of baby food globally ($14.7bn/$30bn), and 23% value sales of diapers globally ($6.7bn/$29bn).
Who will be the final champion? Battle between Taxi companies and Car sharing apps 16-09-2016 From time to time, technology comes up with something new to remind us of how convenient our lives have become. The birth of Uber, a social sharing platform that connects passengers and drivers, is a worthy example of such reminder.
Will the expansion of medical service market result in the development of private sector? 31-05-2016 The demand among Vietnamese medical service market is increasing in the context of a developing economy and an aging society.
Demand for coffee increasing with the expansion of coffee chains 14-02-2016 Vietnam is the second largest coffee-exporting country (following Brazil) with its export value reached 1.65 million tons in 2014 (accounting for 14% of world’s coffee export value).
PayTV market growth under intensive price competition and copyright infringement issues 08-01-2016 Despite facing with various challenges, the demand for pay TV services in Vietnam continues to grow steadily under the context of rising population and income levels.


The market for wine and spirits in Vietnam 22-12-2015 In 2013, the total sales volumes from distilled and fermented liquors reached 500 million USD, increased up to 1.8 times in comparison to that of 2005. More specifically, more than half of the distilled beverages consumed are vodka, meanwhile for wine, over 60% are red wine.
The key to chocolate confectionery market in Vietnam is cheap price? 22-12-2015 The chocolate confectionery market is increasingly growing as the new generation is more and more exposed by Western culture. Today, chocolate is a meaningful gift for lovers, friends and corporate clients, especially in special days like Valentine, Christmas, weddings and new year.
Rapid spread of mobile device accelerated the expansion of mobile marketing 13-10-2015 As reported by GfK, Vietnamese sales revenue of smart phones in 2014 reached 6 million units, bringing Vietnam to the third largest market among 7 Southeast Asian countries.
What will happen to the fast food market when occupied by two major chains? 11-09-2015 According to Ministry of Industry and Trade’ report, annual food expense by Vietnamese has increased by 5.1% on average and is expected to reach 29.5 billion dollars (300 dollars per capita) in 2016.
The advantages of foreign brand products in Vietnam functional food market (May 2015) 14-07-2015 According to Vietnam Association of Functional Food (VAFF), Vietnam functional food market reached 650 million USD, ranked 3rd in the ASEAN market. The y-o-y average growth rate of the market is expected to be 20% in the next 10 years.
Renewable energy, barrier to economic development (Apr 2015) 15-04-2015 Vietnam Government has announced a master plan on taking the global trend – transitioning to use renewable energy sources.
Number of canned food factories with foreign investment on the rise (March 2015) 28-03-2015 It is more and more popular to have canned food on the dining table. Though the market size of canned food in 2014 remained small with only 670 billion VND (equivalent to 32 million USD), but the growth rate increased by 12.2% compared to the previous year and even higher than the 7.3% growth rate of the entire food industry.
Coating market - demand for industrial coating on the rise 26-02-2015 In Vietnam, there are about 600 coating manufacturers, among which, there are a total of 30 foreign-invested companies accounting for 65% of the market share.


Developing textile's supporting industries to reach TPP agreement 08-11-2014 General Department of Vietnam Customs announced that Vietnamese textile export turnover of 2014 increased by 23.9% compared to the previous year, reaching 24.89 billion USD, prospected to be ranked as the world's third largest textile exporter.
Promote the competition in convenience store market (Oct 2014) 06-10-2014 Demand for modern sales channels is on the rise, as foreign investment in the market is increasing, the use of convenience stores and mini supermarkets has gradulally become popular.
How far will Vietnam’s government go to make a competitive electricity market? (Sep 2014) 01-09-2014 In 2012, there were 124 power plants generating the total capacity of 26.926 MW. In details, hydropower volume accounted for nearly half, electric power generated from renewable energy sources was 0.2% of the total capacity, and the remaining half was thermal power.
Mobile game - The long term growth of domestic enterprises 10-08-2014 Mobile game market is a new market starting to operate in Vietnam only four years ago, with the market size from 6 million USD in 2011 which has increased to 15 million USD in 2013
Online games market on the rise 07-07-2014 The online game market in Vietnam is growing rapidly. The domestic market size in 2012 was 250 million USD; 4.5 times as much as that of 2007, which was only 55 million USD.
Trend of Vietnam software industry in recent years (Mar 2014) 14-05-2014 Vietnam software industry is developing while overcoming many difficulties.
The sign of diversifying need in the motorbike market 07-04-2014 The Vietnamese population in 2014 reached 90 million while up to 37 million motorbikes have been registered. As demonstrated, the motorbike market is very large here.


Vietnam hospitality market and foreign investors (Nov 2013) 13-11-2013 Expansion of Vietnam tourism industry is forecasted to continue cherishing number of development opportunities in which hopitality could be clearly seen one of the most potential sectors
Vietnam coal industry, demand is going to surpass supply (May 2013) 10-05-2013 Since 2000, coal production increased from 11.6 million tons in 2000 to 45 million tons in 2012.